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Monday, August 4, 2008

ULTRA INVISIBRA™ By Quantum Showcase


Code # : QS Ultra
Price : RM 35.00 (excluding postage)
Status : SOLD - 3 SETS

All ladies want to have a sexy beautiful figure. Invisibra™ will give you the beautiful cleavage you deserve. Its simple and high quality elastic fabric lifts your breasts with maximum comfort.

Ultra Invisibra is made from hypoallergenic material specially designed to keep it is made from hypoallergenic material specially designed to keep it from irritating skin in anyway. Using a specially made medical Adhesive sticks to the skin, will pull your bust up from the top, and stay there all day long, whether you're on a dinner date or on the beach playing volleyball! Ultra Invisibra goes well with almost any outfit, as the material itself is invisible, the absence of bra straps makes it perfect for halter-tops, off-shoulder blouses and sexy dresses, and bikinis, the material is water-resistant, and will only be removed when you want it to.
With Invisibra you can get that sexy looking cleavage you have always wanted. Invisibra is the only truly backless, strapless bra.

Invisi Bra™ Features and Benefits:
· Hypoallergenic adhesive
· 2 FREE pairs of nipple-pad petals
· Water resistant

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